La bondad de la extinción

Aunque la extinción puede ser una palabra que suena dura, para aquellos que están familiarizados con ella, se refiere a un procedimiento ABA bien establecido que es lógico y directo.

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Loving Attention as Therapy

Most people who have come into contact with the ABA way of doing things perceive it (correctly) as systematic, methodical, objective, and disciplined. ABA does often involve taking the emotion…

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No entenderán / no entenderán

“I don’t think he understands what I’m reinforcing him for!” is a not uncommon objection to the use of reinforcement for appropriate behavior, especially with our non-vocal or early learners. Some…

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Metas que todos queremos

Frequently, we get requests from family members of our clients to work on extremely worthy goals such as: Engaging with other children at the parkComing immediately to mom or dad…

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