What we do

We specialize in ABA early intervention with the littlest learners to give them a solid foundation upon which to develop their language, social interactions and behavioral patterns. Verbal behavior is at the core of what we do, with a focus on stimulating a desire to learn: We teach children with language deficits how communication can be fun and useful – never a chore.

Many other treatments and strategies are promoted for children with a diagnosis of Autism but ABA is the only treatment that has scientific backing. The perspective taken at ABA & VB Group is that your child has the right to receive treatment that has been proven to be effective. All treatments are individualized for your specific child and situation, using a combination of natural environment teaching, discrete trial and other formats based on ABA.

We partner with you and your family to design the best approach for your child's specific learning style.

What to expect

Once you contact us, you can expect to speak directly with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who starts the preliminary process of evaluating your child’s needs, decides with you whether we are a good fit for your family, and clearly outlines how to take the next steps. Once you are a client of ours, you can expect to have a team of clinicians dedicated to your child’s progress.

You can expect a thorough behavioral assessment to determine precisely where to begin, then you will have an individualized curriculum with behavior plans to be implemented by both the clinical team and the family. As with all ABA programs, you will see consistent daily ongoing records of progress (i.e., data) with regular progress reports. What can your child expect? To see us with our giant bag of toys on each and every visit and begin to understand that learning can be fun!


of people diagnosed with autism are non-verbal according to most common estimates.


of children we see at intake with ABA & Verbal Behavior Group are unable to get basic needs met with language.


of those non-verbal children who receive services with ABA & VB Group, are using language to communicate basic needs within 6 months.

Our Mission

To pursue excellence in the application of ABA to provide children with autism the opportunity to reach their wonderfully unique and fullest potential.