Declaración COVID-19

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Declaración de ABA y Verbal Behavior Group sobre COVID-19 

Statement last updated April 16, 2021

As vaccinations are effectively slowing the spread of COVID-19, we at ABA & VB Group want to reassure our families that we are continuing to stay current on all CDC, World Health Organization (WHO) and state and local measures and take all recommended precautions.

We have mandated that all eligible employees will be fully vaccinated. It is possible an employee or employees may not be vaccinated due to health or other reasons and families may request to have only vaccinated staff members attend sessions at their home if desired (this can be done by calling Michelle Nieves at 619-598-2924 and asking her to make a note on your child’s file). 

For the time being, we will continue to wear face coverings or shields (except in situations where it is interfering with sessions, health orders are being followed, and both the family and the clinician are agreeable to the employee not wearing a face covering), socially distance when possible and sanitize surfaces and toys. Employees experiencing COVID symptoms, even if they are vaccinated, will solicit guidance from their physicians. Procedures are in place for any employee testing positive for COVID, and families will be notified of any exposures. 

Consentimiento de las familias. At this time, we ask only that families consent to following state and local guidelines regarding COVID restrictions. We are pleased to provide guidance if requested.

We at ABA & Verbal Behavior Group continue to stay prepared.  Nuestras prioridades son mantener seguros a nuestros clientes y sus familias, proporcionar un servicio ininterrumpido en la mayor medida posible con el apoyo a los clientes que dependen de nuestros servicios y asegurarnos de que no contribuimos inadvertidamente a la propagación de COVID-19. Además de las medidas de precaución que hemos adoptado, estamos listos para promulgar más protocolos de respuesta de emergencia que podrían activarse en función de la propagación y el impacto del virus.

Continuamos manteniéndonos actualizados sobre todos los desarrollos locales y nacionales. 

For questions, you may contact our Director, Dr. Lynn Wilson, BCBA-D at 619-281-6067 or at