COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

ABA & Verbal Behavior Group Statement on COVID-19 

Statement last updated July 12, 2020

As mandated restrictions to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 are revised and updated, this statement is to reassure our families that we are continuing to stay current on all CDC, World Health Organization (WHO) and state and local measures and take all recommended precautions.

We are considered essential services and therefore have continued to remain open and provide services during this unprecedented time to support our clients and families.  

We adhere to all recommended best practices and have signed consents from all ABA & Verbal Behavior Group employees that they will abide by the precautions we have outlined, which include: 

Social Distancing. Guidance for social distancing in the session environment includes avoiding or restricting physical contact with children as much as possible, maintaining a 6-foot distance from other individuals present (i.e., adults – supervisors, parents and family members). Employees have also consented to follow all physical contact restrictions based on state, county and city mandates outside of sessions including all stay-at-home mandates in effect.

Face-masks and sanitizing protocols. Employees will wear masks during all sessions and wash or sanitize hands before and after session and within session as necessary. BIs are limiting the number of toys brought to the home in order to increase ease of sanitizing between sessions. All toys used during sessions will be sanitized before and after sessions and surfaces wiped down as necessary. We have routine pick-ups for staff for extra sanitizing supplies including disinfecting wipes, personal (paper) towels for hand-washing, sanitizing hand gel and soap, thermometers, face coverings, and gloves. 

Daily temperature. Employees will take temperatures daily and will not attend sessions should they have an elevated temperature. 

COVID 19 symptoms.  Any employee with any symptoms of COVID-19 will not attend sessions on that day and will not return to work until symptoms are completely absent and/or they have been tested. Out of an abundance of caution, even if the employee suspects that symptoms are non-COVID-related, they will be asked to stay home from work. Any employee exposed to COVID-19 will be quarantined as advised and any employee suspected of having or having been exposed to COVID-19 will be tested prior to conducting sessions.

In addition, we have implemented the following protocols:

Limiting the number of employees present in the home at any one time. Prior to the pandemic, we would occasionally assign more than one clinician to a single session and occasionally there could even be 3 or more in certain circumstances if the supervisor were also attending the session. We are now limiting the number of clinicians to a maximum of 2 (the BI and supervisor) and only when absolutely necessary for clinical effectiveness. We further attempt to reduce the number of employees in the home by adopting remote supervision protocols or clinic meetings (see below).

Remote supervision, parent consultation, clinic meetings and direct sessions when allowed by individual insurances and when indicated. A number of our insurers either already allow telehealth or have modified their policies to allow it during this outbreak. While it is not practical to always have BIs conduct telehealth directly with most of our clients, many who are infants or toddlers, it is typically effective for supervisors to conduct supervision of the program and BIs via video apps and we can also utilize it for parent consultation. With your consent, we will implement this procedure when allowed to further reduce the number of individuals coming into your home while still maintaining best clinical practices. We have had excellent success with this procedure with both supervision and, with a number of children, with direct remote by BIs. 

Consent from families. During this time, all families with in-home sessions also have consents on file with ABA & VB Group committing to following essentially the same guidelines as our BIs as described above, including the requested use of facemasks, same-day notification of any symptoms, exposure, or elevated temperature, and to avoid gatherings with anyone outside of the immediate household to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep both our employees and families as safe as possible. 

We at ABA & Verbal Behavior Group continue to stay prepared for a wide variety of outcomes.  Our priorities are to keep our clients and their families safe, to provide uninterrupted service as much as possible with support to the clients that depend on our services, and to ensure that we do not inadvertently contribute to the spread of COVID-19. In addition to the precautionary measures we have adopted, we stand ready to enact further emergency response protocols that could be triggered based upon the spread and impact of the virus.

We are continuing to stay up-to-date on all local and national developments. As you are aware, the situation is fluid and can change on a daily basis and we remain committed to adapt as it evolves.  We are actively monitoring the situation and don’t yet know how severe the impact of COVID-19 will be. We hope that its effects will be limited, but we are taking the necessary precautionary steps and we will continue to update this statement as circumstances warrant. 

For questions, you may contact our Director, Dr. Lynn Wilson, BCBA-D at 619-281-6067 or at

ABA & Verbal Behavior Group Declaración Sobre COVI-19

Declaración actualizado por última vez el lunes 9 de marzo de 2020

El Centro para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) nos han advertido que esperamos la propagación comunitaria del nuevo coronavirus (que causa la enfermedad conocida como COVID-19) en los Estados Unidos. Para proteger el bienestar de nuestros clientes y las comunidades donde operamos, hemos activado una serie de medidas de precaución. Esta declaración tiene la intención de asegurar a todas nuestras familias que estamos tomando las medidas apropiadas en respuesta a la situación que se desarrolla.

ABA & Verbal Behavior Group está preparado para una amplia variedad de resultados. Nuestras prioridades son mantener seguros a nuestros clientes y sus familias, brindar un servicio sin interrupcion en la mayor medida posible con el apoyo a los clientes que dependen de nuestros servicios y garantizar que no contribuyamos inadvertidamente a la propagación de COVID-19. Hemos adoptado medidas de precaución y estamos listos para promulgar más protocolos de respuesta de emergencia que podrían activarse en función de la propagación y el impacto del virus.

A partir del 9 de marzo de 2020, permanecemos completamente abiertos y estamos realizando servicios normales.

Hemos distribuido información y mejores prácticas con respecto al coronavirus a todos los empleados de ABA & Verbal Behavior Group. Esta guía se basa en medidas preventivas de salud recomendadas por las autoridades gubernamentales y organizaciones de salud, incluidos los de CDC y la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). Nuestra guía para los empleados aborda las mejores prácticas de higiene y las formas de disminuir la susceptibilidad, así como sugerencias para planificar de manera proactiva cómo se pueden manejar varios escenarios potenciales (por ejemplo, el cierre de las escuelas). Todos los empleados están disponibles para preguntas en cualquier momento, y los empleados del Grupo ABA & VB que participan en el plan de seguro de salud de la compañía tienen acceso a servicios de telemedicina. Los empleados recibieron instrucciones de cancelar las sesiones por cualquier enfermedad.

Estamos en el proceso de distribuir suministros adicionales de desinfección para todos los empleados. Esto incluye desinfectante de manos y toallitas desinfectantes en cantidades suficientes para permitir que todos los empleados se laven las manos y que los juguetes se desinfecten varias veces al día. Además, los empleados han sido notificados para aumentar las prácticas de lavado de manos y desinfección.

Tenemos poliza de trabajo desde el hogar para que los supervisores minimicen la cantidad de personas que van al hogar cuando la aseguranza permite el trabajo remoto. Si es necesario o deseado, los supervisores pueden llevar a cabo la supervisión de forma remota con algunos operadores.

Estamos monitoreando activamente la situación. Estamos siguiendo y monitoreando las declaraciones, la orientación de los funcionarios locales de salud, y la de el CDC y otras autoridades. Todavía no sabemos cuán severo será el impacto de COVID-19. Esperamos que sus efectos sean limitados, pero estamos tomando las medidas de precaución necesarias y continuaremos actualizando esta declaración según lo ameriten las circunstancias.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con la Dra. Lynn Wilson @ o llámenos al 619-281-6067.